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Chilling News - Talkin' 'Bout the Splendour of the Hoover Factory
It's Not a Matter of Life of Death, But What Is? What is?
Chilling News
Last night, I had a discussion about crime in the Research Triangle and how it differs from city to city; and how much safer I felt in Raleigh as compared to Chapel Hill. During this discussion, I discovered that my roommate's friend Kelly and I lived in the same apartment complex in Raleigh -- Trees and Leaves.

Kelly mentioned how bad that neighbourhood was getting and I agreed. Then, during a Google search of Trees and Leaves in Raleigh we discovered that just one month ago a woman had been stabbed to death there with a knife and a screwdriver.

It became all the more chilling to me when I realised that the flat in which the woman was murdered lived was literally next door to my old flat. Less that two years ago, I moved out of Trees and Leaves.

I'm glad I did. I don't know how well I could take having heard someone so brutally murdered. I have such a hard time coping with ordinary life as it is.

My prayers go out to the victim and the family members of all those involved. I know it must be harder on them than I could ever imagine.

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